These colorful clown agamas come from these regions, Southern        
Israel. southern Jordon, northern Saudi arabia, Sinai and Egypt.
I will be working with my little clown group this season since everyone has gotten older,
and see if I can't  help to produce some little baby's clowns.
These 3   male clown
agamas were bred by my friend John Castellanos, and they are just stunning.  
They were sent as youngsters.    UPDATE,,John  sent me a female, (YAH)
Jingles, Jangles...  and  little Dinglebell
The older boys I have had for a few years, Jingles & Jangles
just gorgeous, wonderful light oranges, and some blue flecks.
Pretty Clown Lady
Kissmas is a sweet natured, and beautiful girl with red puckery lips. She arrived
end of 2009  to sit on a throne as the only lady clown in a town with three males:0)
My Black Agama Girls Laudakia stellio
These cool blackish agama come from these regions   Asia
minor, and Greek islands, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Jordon,
lower Egypt, and northern Iraq.
Two of the adult LTC  girls, Jigger and Gadget, have had these girls for
many years  I  also have 2 of my captive bred females  they are now
about 3 years old. One hatched without a foot.  Her name is DoHickey,
or Dewy. And Goochy who is more of a redhead than black.
Agama Fest
Here the Clown Boys are entertaining the 5 Black Agama Ladies as they
lost their mate a couple of seasons ago.  2009 photo
" Kissmas "
"Jigger"  2009
"Gadget"  2009
Do-Hickey , Jigger &  Goochy  
Clown Agama X Black Agama   kids hatching  
A  few day old now the clown X
black agama,  and just the cutest lil
things,  very sweet looking, doing
well.  June 27th, 2010
Sexing older clowns/ or most agamas,  Males
have a line of raised rough yellowy waxy scales  
on their belly, and waxy look on their vents.   
Females tummy scales appear smooth and also
vent area.  Young  can be extremley tough to sex.
Males underside * Zipper line of scales
also   bulges at vent along with waxy  look
Females tummy appears smooth.  No yellow
waxy  look to vent  either,  like males.
Laudakia Stellio brachydactyla
Colorful Collareds & Lotsa Leopards
 Jangles and Jing A Ling